Information on the renewaled files for repeaterS Japanese

Date A Title Note
2005/03/18 World Scale Disappearing of Singing Sand Do you know the Singig Sand?
2001/12/3 Book:"Fantasy of Singing Sand(preface) Book:Fantasy of Singing Sand Chap.1
2001/11/25 New information of singing sand in Chile Now the sands are active
2001/9/28 New finding of natural booming sand in China Ms.Isobel Clouter meet to natural booming sand mountain
2001/7/29 A scholar of singing sand visited Japan She brought a information for famous Eigg beach
2001/7/28 A old manuscript for singing sand of KOTOHIKI English translation of TANKAFUSI
2001/7/24 A tragic love legend of O-Sayo A legend of singing sand in Japan
2001/5/12 History of NIMA Samd Museum First open to public
2001/4/15 If brocken the case of the frog-sand Recommendation of sound producing device
2000/01/1/6 Do you know flying spider(Gossamer) How to a spider flying to USA?
2000/12/18 Do you remember a balloon man He is a a musician and adventurer
2000/11/29 Foure episode of frog sand toy Frog toy attract attention now relating to finding at Tasmania
2000/11/27 Tasmania is a tresure house of singing sand in the world Information from Prof.KIMURA
2000/11/20 Foure episode of frog sand toy Episode concerning frog cloaking toy
2000/10/12 Meaning of 4600000000 years chronological table Why don't you feel 4600000000 years
2000/9/9 Finding of singing in water sand (Thai ) This is a rare case at present
2000/9/3 Information of singing sand on beach of Lake Michgan I send to india a frog sand
2000/8/12 Fans in India I send a sample
2000/4/11 If brocken the case: If brocken the case
2000/4/11 Singing sand in water Singing in water
2000/3/27 Information from Inner mongolia Infomation from Inner mongolia
2000/3/23 New finding of booming dune in Colorado, USA New booming sand in Colorado
2000/3/20 Musical sand singing in water Reference for singing sand in water