Ancient manuscripts for KOTOHIKI Beach

“There is a sound of the slight wonder as the voice, which KOTOHIKI-beach pulls a foot between front and back of the drum beach, six, 109 meter , and grind sand. I can write down a paragraph of 13 musical scale of some melody between speedy and slowly working. Really ,this is a no string koto(Japanese harp) of nature.

It is the beautiful composition that win the higest praise for the voice of sand of this beach. It is a description in an ancient manuscripts for KOTOHIKI Beach(TANKAFUSI=name of the manuscripts). ROZEN is a description of that a ball sounds in a word to come out in poem of SOO(:name of old China ), poetry of famous chinese poet. I give the dulcet tone that resembled a sound when I wave the bunch which beads -shaped, linked a ball of a jewel. If I walk hastily and walk slowly, I sound like a koto. This is a koto without the string which Nature made and ... is this beauty and admiration in a sense of sharp ancient people. A Westerner thinks with wrinkle of an apparition of a living person and fears it or there did not need to be merely wonder and the thing that I was curious, but did not enjoy it. Is it a difference of correspondence for nature with a Japanese and a Westerner? Miyazu(a place name) feudal clan, scholar of Confucianism of Honjo house, KOBAYASI (name of auther)began to write it in age of an emperor 13 (1763), and this document spent 80 for SHIHO(name of auther)of the child SHIGEN(name of auther) and 3 generations of the grandchild and was completed in) in the Tenpo() era 13 (1842). The original encounters a Tango(name ofthe place) earthquake disaster of 1927 and was destroyed by fire, but only department of Takeno-gun(place name), volume five are left to an old family of AMINO-town, and it is copied in a Xerox in town office of the town, and it is saved. We can find many beaches of musical Sand in the world. However, I attract attention like KOTOHIKI-beach for a long time, and there is not the example which won through up to a record besides China.