Eigg in England
How to make Hydro-musical sand

You can get the Frog cloaking toy

Musical Sand I

Singing sand in water

Singing sand in water (frog-sand and hea-sound)

Singing sand in water was reported by Brown,A.E.(Philosophical.Soc.Proc.,Ser.A.,217-230(1961),1-17(1964)The University of DURHAM Philosophical Society)

He said that "The frequency analysis of this note shows only a small displacement of the peaks obtained when dry sand is struck." The sand tested was "the musical sands of the Bay of Laig,Isle of Eigg in England.

I got a suggestion of singing sand in water from a sand in Rio de Janeiro . A sample was received from student,Toshimasa Ozaki,who stationed in the place in1980. When ourself visited the place, in 1993, the sand had lost the sounding property. Everybody on the the spot did not know the fact. The sand was sealed in a closed vessel of acrylic resin, which are now (1997.September) produce the sound. This is only one evidence in the world.

A singing beach of Rio de janeiro(1993)

At the southern end(BABADEJYUKA Beach) of Rio de janeiro,

we can get singing sand in water with difficulty..

@To recover the sound from the sand of ancient times, a mechanical simulation of natural wave action was realized by a milling machine. Osodani( Yamagata prefecture ) ,which is located in the inland area in Japan, is a beach in the Pliocene epoch. In the place, clayish sand layer was found . After washing by very long time , for instance 500 hr washing, we can get a quartz rich sand,99%. The sand show singing property in air and in water. As the sound in water is a good likeness of crying frog , we call it frog sand.

The sound producing device is,as shown above, a container made by acrylic resin pipe(diameter is 5cm, lengh10cm), closed at both ends by 1mm thick acrylic plate. In the container, 100cc water and the sand was sealed.

If you move slowly by hand right and left the container, you can hear some flog like sound.

The device is a toy that is catching on now in Nima-Sand Museum. But as it is delicate to produce the sound and need many human power, this toys is un-profitable now.

The sound can be hear now in Japanese site, click here. frog.au

Don't touch both side plate, because that are sonic plate.

Don't give a shock , because the device is broken article..