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Frog-cloaking Toy

The frog-cloaking toy are putting out on the market. Geological Map of Japan in the Pliocene epoch, which is 300 millions yours back, and red line is the present time of Japan. Red dots are singing beaches in Japan.
Osodani( IIDE town, Yamagata prefecture ) ,which is located in the inland area in Japan, was a beach in the Pliocene epoch. In the place, clayish sand layer was found . To recover the sound from the sand in clayish sand of ancient times, a mechanical simulation of natural wave action was realized by a milling machine. After washing by very long time , for instance 1000 hr washing, we can get a quartz rich sand,99%. The sand show singing property in air and in water. As the sound in water is a good likeness of crying frog ,we call it frog-cloaking sand.

You must move this wayThe soud? (if you cannot hear the sound,

you must set your machine to bigger soud level.)

The sound producing device is, as shown above, a container made by acrylic resin pipe (diameter is 5 cm, length is 12cm, closed at both ends by 1 mm thick acrylic plate. In the container, 100 cc water and the about 100 grams sand was sealed. If you move slowly the container by your hand, right and left , you can hear like some frog-cloaking sound.

Recently, IIDE town put the Frog sand set on the market. Electric power drive will not give any profit, because it need expensive energy cost. We succeed to make it profitable by water power. As the village is among the mountains, the mill can be set up along a stream of a river, and can be driven during very long hours.

This set is only a toy of singing sand for childrens, but for the learnig of singing sand. You can buy it for 15 dollars. If you want to get by air-mail, 15 dollars as payment for air parcel post to USA.

The sound can be hear now in Japanese site, click here.

Don't touch both side plate, because that are sonic plate. Don't give a shock , because the

device is broken article. @

The toy have some life. After about half year, the content will dry up, and the toy will be lower the crying sound or silent. After silent,cut by saw the acrylic case. After washing by water completely, dry the sand on a clean paper. The sand can be singing in a bottle by strike with a clod. As the sand is beautiful, you will find some decoration use.

You can get from following shop:

Shigeru Tateishi

Hagiu 768

Iide town

Yamagata Prefecture.

999-0602 JAPAN