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If brocken the case of frog-sand: (This prosedure is same to wetted beach sand)

If brocken the case, and the water leak out , the toy cannot produce the sound of frog cloaking sound. In the case, you can use the sand as dry singing sand.

@As an another try to hear the soud, I recomend you a drying. Wash up the wetted sand by water,rinse out the sand. Then dry the wetted sand on a clean paper. You can look prety,twinkle fine sand. The sand is dry singing sand.

Special pot for singing test of singing sand:

@For a sound producing test of dry sand , special hard glass (boric silicate glass) bottle is recommended. A mortar is not recommended , as it produce some grinding action. recommended shape of the bottle is egg-shape as follows:

Such bottle can produce sound by small quantity of sand, about 0.5 grams. Do not use full up, As a substitution, you can use some suitable glass cup.