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Visitor from England

A oldest researcher in England was Miller,H. I found his name in Brown's report, and knew his interesting personarity in a book of who's who. Miller He descrived that "As we marched over the drier tracts, an incessant woo,woo, woo, rose from the surface, that might be heard in the calm some twenty or thirty yards away; and we found that where a damp semi-coherent stratum lay at the depth of three or four inches beneath, and all was dry and incoherent, the tones were loudest and sharpest and most easily evoked by th.e foot. Our discovery -for I trust I may regard it as such- adds a third locality to two previously known ones, in which what may be termed the musical sand-no unmeet counterpart to the 'singing water' of the tale-has now been found. ".

Ms. Isobel Clouter, who is a researcher for singing sand visited Japan from England, She is a Sound Archivist/Researcher of Winston Churchil Memorial Trust..She visited NIMA Sand Museum 22-23.July,and ,KOTOHIKI-beach in AMINO-town,KYOTO,26-27,July,2001.

She brought us new information for singing sand of Eigg island in England.. By the two detailed map and a photograph of the beach ,we can know the beach is now active, but she said the sand do not sing in water.

On KOTOHIKI-beach.