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Fantasy of Singing Sand (This documet is 11kB) 
(The book is , now, out of print, then I am opening all the document in Japan and English)

Chapter 1. Introduction-Sand sing
    When you come to the beach
      some sounds are produced under your foot .    
    The sound follow your step  
        The sounds are strange and should hardly describe it.      (A Poem: from J. of Geology in Japan) (1894)
A preface
 The first time, when the person who heard a story that the sand sing ,he ask how to?. Thus I run a demonstration. The sand poured into a big bag , then push it from both side just like accordion , loud sound appear."woo woo woo". I cut off a line of microphone in a grand hall and they hear a live sound. "Oh!", audience raise a voice of an eye-opener uniformly.
 At a university,. as soon as the lecture is over, a crowd of students create around me. "All of all, let me do it", and it is ... an uproar. " It is unbelievable indeed". All at once that it is how mysterious sound.
 To the reader of unbelievable this book which I can not a demonstration and show it, and cannot, it must be very unbelievable even if they hear a sound at the very front.  But, Reading this book advance., you should come to have believe it little by little as you read,
When a sparrow walks on the top of the sand , the sand sing step by step. Such unexpected story as in desert a big sand mountain create loud sound , the sound is like sunder ,which have fear many people ,and shaking the earth, can be accept you.
 As they are clear as you read, why such a interesting story was not in book still now. I think that there is one wondered at so that it wanted to be told in. There was no book in the world for Singing sand. Since the ancient times to today, various people were interested in this phenomenon. First-class scientists wrestled with the mystery, too. The evidence includes an a little less than 100 report since the beginning to today for the 19th century.
But it was mainly a person of geologist and physicists and deviated from central problems of each fields.
It was written in all the corners and it was very difficult to understand. But at last it was these days, and, as for my having started documents collection, information of all ages and countries came in the stage that I could gather before ten several years since now(1982). As such kind of situation, the word, singing sand or booming sand are the thing heard of for the first time for most peoples.
The extreme world
There is a expression "from the choicest the coasest one". It mean, in Portuguese, from the best to a thing of last place in the ranking. Singing sand is best and sand which generally in the roadside and an athletic ground is the coasest one. Of a famous garden of Kyoto, for example, is coasest sand.
The disintegrated rock was receives of physics and chemical action during carrying processes by river and wave or wind in desert, and an unstable minerals are disappeared. And it is stable most last.
The sand begins to play a melody of victory tin the environment where extremely blessed with of a certain kind is given the sand which arrived at the extreme world. Environment blessed with are the shore where raging angry waves of the clean sea or remote desert. It is the place where the sacred sand which escaped from worldly life gather.
It is a mysterious thing, that the large thunder temple in China ,that Buddhist priest SANZO aimed at the place , and Moses was given ten truth from God in the Old Testament in "SAIYUKI" seems to have been a booming sand mountain.
"That talk is a thing heard of for the first time, too. You want to talk a new view in the religion, but it is known, and it is the fact.
If you read this book in pursuit of order, this could be understood. From a that kind of meaning, this book is a description of my intellectual adventure journey.
A beach with white sands and a green pine grove.
 There were a lot of people charmed by a song of white sands. Darwin of the theory of evolution and American academic person in literature H.D. Thoreau (B.Torrey and F,H,Allen,eds.,The Journal of Henry D.Thoreu, 1962.9).
But ,in the West, It was since at last the former century began. However, in China, a record appears already in the time for the seventh century, and even in my country, which is a record of the Middle Ages(16th century). And there are KOTOHIKI-beach or KOTOGA-beach, which contain a meaning music in the name. KOTO mean a musical instrument Japanese harp. Ancient people liken a song of a sand to a sound of a koto(a musical instrument ) and arrested you as the koto that soughing of the wind through pine-trees (a sound of SHOFUU). The sand play a symphony on a beach with white sands and a green pine grove. There was the many beach of the superior singing sand everywhere in Japan. The azure of the sea and singing sand open in green pine grove, this is a typical natural sight in Japan .
A white crest of a wave to lap on breaks into the beach, and rises on a singing sand , this is a a beautiful pictures. Mysterious quietness of an interval with a wave and a wave is an ensemble of a koto. I think that the world of the beauty that is this dynamic forms is a root of Japanese culture. If I heard it with a singing sand, I look for singing sand anywhere, having a rucksack on my back, in which put in a microscope. It was a crowd of people who devastating the beach. It was a crowd of people who put out the beach, whole under the name of development. Precision of a human eye is limited to the macro-world. The micro-world developing from 1 mm to 0.1 mm was ignored. I wanted to install a microscope in their eye of those people. Then the world, will new at all. There is a beach with white sands and a green pine grove only in the world of a fantasy in present Japan. All around the world trip became easy, too. How about a plan to visiting melody of a sand. Now, going on a world trip is become popular. How about the world for a mystery of Nature, left for an end of the 20th century, and "a sacred singing sand". A singing and booming sand be left still more in the world. I hope to contribute to cancels a lack of conventional information. It is my happy.
You must do not remain looking at the nature and walking on the sand. I want to make a sacred singing sand, which is an artificial musical sand. Modern technology will make singing sand of high sensitivity than there is it in nature. Modern technology can be challenge an extremity , and create the world of a sweet sound. In addition, there is a matter to need an explanatory note in order to avoid confusion when reading this book.
Names of singing sand
There are several names for singing sand..
1. Musical Sand., Sonorous Sand, Singing Sand
2. Squeaking Sand.
3. Booming Sand (About sand of particularly inland sand, desert),
4. Barking Sand( in particular, Kauai Island product) .
In this Book,I distinguish musical sand from squeaking sand. The former produces comparatively lower frequency sound , and the latter produces higher frequency sound. In Japan, there was two Japanese name , NAKISUNA and NARISUNA,, As the sound is a physical phenomenon, it must call as NAKISUNA.
Fantasy of a musician on KUGUNARI-beach
Mr. Yoshiyuki Kozu ( a famous musician in Japan) said that I thought that I heared sound of the ancient times. I am perplexed that how to understand this soud. His encoャnter to the sand was dramatic.
"Hello, I am Kimura, I am a director of Tohoku Broadcasting. Mr. Kozu be at home?" " Yes he is in home"(a voice of Nakamura Meiko, a famous actress). , and changed to him. "Yes I am Kozu". "Excuse me sudden call you, but we want to compose melody of a sand. I will talk in detail at the actual place. . The sand have splendid musical sound, in Ooshima in Kesennuma-shi. I would like you to compose melody in this sand. "
"What!, the sand sing?" He was baffled? "Yes, that probably you baffled, I would like to give me some your time for the record of the sand."
Mr. Yoshiyuki Kozu went in a day of June, 1981, to the place. with Tohoku Broadcasting radio production. The place was Ooshima of Kesennuma-shity. "Sand sing, and it is such fool". But the sand really sing? Tohoku Broadcasting play a trick? Mr. Kozu is half in doubt, but Mr. Kimura does not tell it very much. He is typical Tohoku person, they are person of few words. They went up a slight mountain path and withdrew and at last they could see the beach and arrived .
Oh! It is the beautiful beach. But the beach is a common sandy beach, which we can see anywhere? That sand sings? Compose it by the sound with the sand? It is what a thing. In long composition life, it is the first time the thing that I do not come. Mr. Kimura, who guide me an mountain path may be a fox or not?. He have a Microphone, but he is a fox ,which I cannot know. I must take his story with a grain of salt.
By the way, I arrived finally. It is white sand. Mr. Kimura walks in advance.
"Oh, what is this?". In a step, I could hear sound with ku,ku,ku? This is terrible. ku,ku,ku under shoes every step. Mr. Kozu, this time walk around the top of sand absorbedly and try to nudge in a chip of wood and try to rub in hand and... He,sometime, returned to composer Yoshiyuki Kozu.. .
"One two, one two, three,.ku,ku,ku. Sand sing to a sound harmonized to the wave lapping on the beach.. In this way a fantasy of KUGUNARI-breach composed by Yoshiyuki Kozu was born in Miyagi-kennmin-hall and Tohoku Broadcasting broadcast won 1981 prize. But,for a disappointing thing,.he used local sand. I will describe it in this book, the sand receives influence of the environmental pollution, and current beach sand was remarkable effect. Therefore he had to be supported by a synthesizer. If they use regular devise for the sound producing method and use pure high sensitivity singing sand . OK, I will start to look for singing sand.