Rink:Making a table of human 500milliom years :

Making a table of earthlife (Bigest all over the world)

@As we define 100 years equal to 1 mm, then1000 years equal to 1cm,10000 years equal to 10 cm, 100000 years equal to 1m, then 4600000000 years equal to 46m.

@It is full length 46km to watch earth 4600000000 years by length of paper tape for stationery. I bought approximately 4000 paper tape of marketing for this chronological table production and wound it up.

A volume catches this, and it is put on the turn table top. Color of the tape is changed the color every 100000000 years. A calculation of diameter was necessary for the work of production in order at first to place an order for a glass board.

@There must not be a calculation mistake. A calculation is an arithmetic series and application of a general solution of the second equation. The big glass board which included 2.5m diameter was special order, and the transportation was marine transportation. The volume work was a training problem to experience earth 4600000000 years of a new companion.

@The tape of marketing measures by 25m precisely and cut, because length is not 25 m precisely. The important matter which there is on a geological feature generation list will complete a label filling out the fixed place. Because length does not fix, tape of marketing is below by 25 m and joins, and an important matter of the geological feature generation will put a label on the fixed place. It was masterpiece business to need about 2 weeks. A memory of Miss companion: Cambrian period of earth life which continued for hundreds of millions of years having been long. At last I make you grounds in joy when life was born, the experience, and a companion to explain time to is impressive. Because the tape table is depths of the museum , please do not overlook it.