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Meaning of 4600000000 years chronological table  

  A teacher of my senior high school said that It is a recent event just that we mankind appear in the history of the earth for 4600000000 years.  An appearance of mankind becomes about 11:59 p.m. of December 31 when I think from earth birth to date as one year.

 Such an explanation has been done conventionally in TV, but I cannot agree it. But I thought that it was nothing but a sham. The reason is because it is only replacing the time to time. Time is vague for me. Size of all thing which a man can realize are only length , volume and weight.

  All every measuring instrument of science are based on length ,volume and weight. For instance, even an ammeter and volt meter are length of dial. We can use long tape for chronological table to show time by length. The length of the tape, even a children can understand it.

 As a first step, I want to try it for mankind 3000000 years instead 4600000000 years, which is very hard work. I want to talk it. In August, 1998, schoolchilds of five or six years made mankind 3000000 years tape chronological table for a free study of summer vacation in IIDECHO, Yamagata, and I played the leader. As for the materials which are necessary for the work, charges are equal to or less than about 500 yen for the paper tape. If we define 100 years equal to 1 mm, 1000 years equal to 1cm. 10000 years equal to 10 cm, and 300 million becomes length of 30 m. On the tape, we can notes written in , some event in the human history. I make a piece of 10 cm tape to show 10000 year as follows. This is a start of the whole chronological table.

The next step, we must charenge 4600000000 years.