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A chronological tape for human 500 million (for short m.) years

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Old chronological tape 300 m. years

With about 2 dollers, why do not you try to make a chronological tape for human 500 m years. (this page will be all member from a primary school children to a graduate school student and to a all member of the society).

A life of a person is100 years as 1mm, then 1cm is 1000 years, 1000 years is 10 cm, history of human. 500 m. is 500 m. The history of the earth 460000 m. years is 46 km. If you make this tape, both your view of life and a view of the world will change. Why do not you challenges it?

A base label of history is 1000 year.

I try a seminar for pupils for elementary school five or six years as a free study of a summer vacation, in August,1998, in Nishiokitama-gun, Yamagata prefecture. In 2003 at Amino town, I executed it as a summer vacation child seminar, between 3rd of 18-20 days (menstruation) in August, 2003.

From recent data, the history of human became bigger than 300 m. to 500 m. years. Following is the recipe of a history tape chronological table for human 500 m. years.

We purchase seven colors of paper streamers in stationery shop. A tape was around 2 dollers. Your all payment was dollers is 2*7=14. Because It remain a lot, you are more happy if you tempt your friend and do it together. You make the paper streamer chronological table when a color turns into every 5 m. years. At first please print following a label for human 1 m. years. It is convenient when you use the label paper which had paste on the back for print paper. Please fill in a hit of this A.D. 2000 with human life 100. If you are thinking that 1mm is short, you can see one year in a scale of a micro- scale with a microscope. It is history chronological table time scale for human 10000 years. A micro- scale is available from a physics and chemistry instrument Co. As shown over, please pay attention to size of a letter at the time of print. Please say pasting up to each point while marking it every 10cm (for 10000 years) as follows.

Please turn a direction to put a label before many years on into a right angle in the tape, as shown over.

1mm of human life 100 years is very large in the sense of powder technology, it is a huge rock. Sand of 10 micron is the size that a human tooth can be break. We can realize history of human in this tape. A history chronological table becomes full length 50m for human 500m. years. Let's draw for length of step of the human while drawing it slowly till the last. We can meet woman Lucy who is first in the human on the way.

OK, we will begin it.

0.01 m.y The Mindel Glacial Stage end (

0.02 m.y Old , cave picture of lascaux in France(, mammoth start to move to south. (, 

0.03 m.y ago old Wurm glacial period glacial epoch start. The Bering Strait was a bridge. human put on pants, skirt start.

0.04 m.y years ago human Cro-Magnon (Homo sapience-sapience) human of ancester of present age, all population of the world was10million,

0.05 m.y ago Levalleoiso Mousterian civilization Mousterian

0.06 m.y ago

0.07 m.y ago

0.08 m.yago The fourth glacial epoch Wurm glacial epoch

0.09 m.y ago

0.10 m.y ago

0.11 m.y ago

0.12 m.y ago

0.13 m.y ago

0.14 m.y ago Neanderthal man, flowers offered to the grave

0.15 m.y ago

0.16 m.y ago

0.17 m.y ago

0.18 m.y ago

0.19 m.y ago

0.20 m.y ago A squirrel glacial epoch begins. Japanese Nauman elephant came to Japan. Acheuean. Mindel glaciation epoch end. interglacial period start

0.21 m.y ago

0.22 m.y ago

0.23 m.y ago The switchovers period from a primitive man to a new man

0.24 m.y ago

0.25 m.y ago Mindel glacial epoch end, interglcial epoch start epoch start

0.26 m.y ago

0.27 m.y ago

0.28 m.y ago

0.290 m.y ago

0.30 m.y ago Egyptian paleolith Stone implement. Levalleoiso stone age

0.31 m.y ago

0.32 m.y ago

0.33 m.y ago

0.34 m.y ago

0.35 m.y ago

0.36 m.y ago Mindel ice age (most severe ice age era)

0.37 m.y ago

0.38 m.y ago

0.30 m.y ago

0.40m.y ago

0.41 m.y ago

0.42 m.y ago

0.43 m.y ago

0.44 m.y ago Homo erectus ,Abbeville culture (north France, rough processing ), Acheulian culture (a hand ax of the form that is elegance)

0.450 m.y ago

0.460 m.y ago

0.470 m.y ago

0.48m.y ago

0.49 m.y ago

0.50 m.y ago (

Abbeville culture (north France: Acheul ruins)

0.51 m.y ago

0.52 m.y ago

0.53 m.y ago

0.54 m.y ago

0.55 m.y ago Peking man (

0.56 m.y ago

0.57 m.y ago

0.58 m.y ago

0.59 m.y ago 

0.60 m.y ago

0.61 m.y ago

0.62 m.y years ago

0.63 m.y years ago

0.64 m.y ago

0.65 m.y ago

0.66 m.y ago

0.67 m.y ago

0.68 m.y ago

0.69 m.y ago

0.70 m.y ago

0.71 m.y ago

0.72 m.y ago

0.73 m.y ago

0.74 m.y ago

0.75 m.y ago

076 m.y ago

0.77 m.y ago

0.78 m.y ago

0.79 m.y ago end of Gunz cold era

0.80 m.y ago Gunz interglacial period begins

0.90 m.y ago

0.95 m.y ago Gunz cold era start

1.0m.y ago

1.1m.y ago

1.2m.y ago

1.3m.y ago

1.4m.y ago

1.5m.y ago

1.6m.y ago Mindel Glacial Stage start to 0.25 m.y ago. oldest Homo erectus (the east of Victoria lake of Kenya)

1.7m.y ago

1.8m.y ago 1.8 million years ago Homo erectus. A Tanzania primitive man (

1.95 m.y ago As for the fourth Quaternary temperature, chilliness changes into it than this gradually. The ice age begins A kangaroo becomes only Australia in these days.

2.0m.y ago Ending Pliocene

2.1m.y ago

2.2m.y ago

2.3m.y ago

2.4m.y ago

2.5m.y ago

2.6m.y ago

2.7m.y ago

2.8m.y ago

2.5m.y ago

2.6m.y ago East of Victoria lake, Kilimanjaro (a level of the use of a natural object) a stone implement,

2.7m.y ago

2.8m.y ago

2.9 m.y ago

3.0 m.y ago primitive man times beginning Homohabilis Australopithecus world is oldest in a neighborhood of east of Victoria lake, Woman Lucy (leave a whole body and footprint discovery in Ethiopian )

3.1 m.y ago

3.2 m.y ago

3.3m.y ( human footprints are about 20 centimetres long and 10 cm wide

3.4 m.y ago

3.5 years ago Foot print of Tanzania person parent and child (NHK03.7.21 ) the pithecanthropus, primitive man times

3.6 m.y ago

3.7 m.y ago

3.8 m.y ago

3.9 m.y ago

4. 0 m.y ago In Tanzania, foot print of person parent and child

4.1 m.y ago

4.2 m.y ago

4.3 m.y ago

4.4 m.y ago

4.5 m.y ago

4.6 m.y ago

4.7 m.y ago

4.8 m.y ago

4.9 m.y ago

5.0 m.y ago

Glossary of Terms:

This chronological table is an end here. Please rewind it, and come back until the present age. (While imaging for a long long thorny path of our common ancestors) If know a new thing with a newspaper etc., please add it.