I have decided to compile information for the powder which included in a page of a stone mill.
Because it is the considerably important work, it takes it to stability for a while.

Information for Powder:( Powder Technology)

Date A Titles Note
04/12/03 Discovery of fire was discovery of powder and a road to chemistry A road to 21 century was opend by fire
04/11/19 Making a table of earthlife Bigest all over the world
04/11/18 What is powder technology Powder technology is new technology opend 21 century
04/11/07 A chronological tape for human 500 million years Unique way to understand human history
04/10/01 A secret of great buddha Nara in Japan looked from powder technology Unique view from Powder technology
04/9/16 Large cultural exchange between east and west Stone mill is the result
04/9/09 A quarter is not a quarter Special technical termes for mill-stone
04/9/08 A simple question for grinder for food An anser for a houswife
04/9/03 What is a greatest invention on the human history? No the invention mean exterminaton of human race
04/8/16 A powder association game This is a historical fact
04/8/13 A tales of ant-lion My terrible memories
04/8/02 Powder in Japanese traditional culture

Worker of gold Lacquer in Japan(gold powder)

04/7/24 Many powders in our life We can find the history of mankind in our life
04/7/10 The soil of the earth is a sort of powder This is a huge apartment of the microbes