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What is powder technology?

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In brief , everything on powder.

Usually, It is considered as the work that resembled work to make wheat flour.

I answer that almost all kind of thing in the world are made from powder, but it is vague.

So I do an allegory.

A : "I show printing paper of a printer of personal computer, if I say that this paper is a lump of powder, do you understand it?"

B: "Yes,paper are fiber make from wood."

A: "It is so, too, but 30% are powder of calcium carbonate generally"

B: " It is lime?"

A: "By baking Lime stone , we can get lime. Next,we throw in the water and make calcium hydroxide. We blow in carbon dioxide, which produced baking processes , and get muddy water. Next, filter water through porous materials. "

B: "Why do you take a roundabout way to make the powder?. We can get it by fine grinding the stone. "

A: " It is necessary special calcium carbonate powder to prevent soak of ink. It is what there is an electron microscope as for it, and it understood for the first time."

B: "Is it which your high technology of powder?"

A: "Calcium carbonate powder enters a tire of a car in rubber if I say so.

In this also, a effort to find a powder to suited to the object of manufacturer being wet with tear.".

B: "Really, In brief it is a body of modern civilization."

A: "It seems to be so."