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What is the powder technology?
If the human did not invent to made powder with a stone mill, Egyptian or Rome civilization were not there. All the modern civilization depends on beginning to make new powder. The 21st century develop a new method by high technology of powder , which by handles an atom and a molecule freely and designs the particle, and to fix in size and form of a wish in sequence. A powder is a another state of materials in a line of solid, liquid, gas, and there is not a limit of size. The grain does not need to be a solid? Particles of fog is liquid or solid( ice). The scholar who used a word named a powder body for the first time in Japan was Torahiko Terada (1878-1935). To this study in a specialty is powder technology (http://www.iijnet.or.jp/SPTJ/index_e.html). http://www.iijnet.or.jp/APPIE/HomePage1English/index_e.html What time is the first encounter with the human and powder? Instead of making of paints of a cave picture, what and the discovery and the powder of fire were related complicatedly. And it was a secret of the tinder. And the present age are full up with powder.