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The soil of the earth is a sort of powder
As the surface of the earth is covered with the soil , innumerable microbes, mainly soil bacteria, lives there. Surprisingly, the researchers of the soil said , in 1g rich soil, tens millions of life are live. This is a huge apartment of the microbes, and, in addition, air and water and necessary all food are supplied with automatically to the place. Right, here is a kingdom of microbe. However, as if the human civilization that does not depend on this microbe is possible, the paving work are pushed forward without limit in Japan, in the 21st century . Because the cost are cheaper and a car can be easy to go, is it an idea of what a simple former century? I wanted to look at the microbe by this eye under a microscope. However, a professor of biology, he is my friend, was taught to me the thing that was not easy. He said "It is a figure of list that it compiled result of innumerable researchers, and it does not look at one sweep." The reason to get the answer was because there was a kindly relation between the professors and me, I think.

Soil is a house of soil bacteria

Micro organism living in soil

Japanese call the microorganism as a god, SUIJINSAMA in Japanese, which mean a god of the water.