Information from Inner Mongorlia

The king of the sand hills in the world

@Brief Inlroductlon to Badanjilin Desert @

@Badanjilin Desert is Located in Alaxa League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with total area of 47000 square kilometres,in which there is an area of 10000 square kilometres in the northwest part has never been touched by human being. The altitude is 1200-1700 metres above the sea level. The relative altitude between mountains and desert reaches to more than 500 metres. It is famous for "The peak Ever Rest indesert". It has gathered the beauty of the desert and it is also famous for its height, steepness, precipitousliness and its beauty. Its queer peaks, sound sand , Iakes and myth springs are called "four uniques" in Badanjilin Desert. The high complex chains of dunes and its pyramid-like dunes looks like "mountains". sand peaks, sand gullies, sand steeps, sand walls, sandbars and sand blabes can be seen here and there. The scene is wonderful and sqlendid and sand blades can be seen here and there. The scene is wonderful and splendid and in riotous profusion and colourful. In the hinter land of the desert,the peaks stand in grest numbers, rounding ranges of sand are common and the back of the dunes is like being peeled by knives,The unique structure of the desert is the ideal place for exploration ,The sound sand which can be found evrywhere in Badanjilin is known as "the kingdom of the sound sand world " .The sound is Like the roar of the plane,which is oppressive but far-reaching,makes everyone feels irritating and has a feeling of unusual, There are many inland small lakes surrounded by reeds and the blue is waves in the Lakes and the birds fly over the water gayly, which is really "a unusual scene of the south of the Changjiang piver in the desert". The high sound hills and the sparkling Lakes set each other off ,The Landscape of Lakes and desert will make you relaxed and happy.It is really a good place for tour ists to relax and enjoy themselves,There are also many legends which makes the desert more miraculous. Do come here, friends, And try to have a taste of the desert, the camel ring, the setting sun,the moon night and the autumn wind,The fresh and pure air,the blue 'sky and the nonpol luted natural environment will make you feel the calm of or igin and stillness, which is a fairyland in man's world. The feeling and the enjoyment.will surely make you forget about home and the good memory will last forever, We shall offer our best service for the tourists both from home and abroad during their stay here,We will try our best to make your journey happy and enjoy yourself to the full. Welcome to Badanjilin,the Beautiful Desert !

From a pamphlet for travelers