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Do you remember a balloon man

@Do you remember a story of a balloon man who left to sky with a balloon in the evening on November 23, 1992. In Japan, all mass communication except NHK, a newspaper and television have made a fuss in those days. Mr. Yukiko Ishizuka of the wife broke long silence in November, 2000, and it was sent in a book. She put sensitivity of a musician and was able to leave the feelings that continued waiting for him in a book. Because I was present at the Lake Biwa-ko ridge where he start and flew away, the spot of Omihachiman, I received an all-out attack of mass communication in those days and was embarrassed. I have a memory that I did not get a meal with bell of a telephone for about 10 days. Peoples say that it became an influential candidate of ten great event of the year of the end of the year in Japan.

On a business card, he wrote clearly that he was an adventurer,at the same time as he was a musician. I want to show gratitude to having had an adventurer bets life and calls and publicize musical sand. Mass communication of those days did not turn it into an article for his effusion to sand. A feeling of left mother and three sisters is spelled in the book:

A cover of the book published.

Sky is high and understands that I am comfortable of him who flew away when I look at sky of Karuizawa all the time. The scene which he looked in the sky would be beautiful, He could not describe it thoroughly by a word, and was splendid. The impression that he tasted is equivalent to several life. He was united with Nature with wind and a cloud. I am proud of him that he could accomplish the kind of thing. A too much thing does not need to think. I am good if I wait without already crying in a heart. For the first time, from a heart, after seven years passed, I thought that I wanted to do what he did. Though I remembered him and cried, I turned into tears of joys all too soon. It is just this thing that the bird which grieved at already laughed now.