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 Do you now the singing sand?

   Would you like listen the song of the sand?

       Don't kill the singing sand.

Paper Balloon (bomb) will attack…(a top secret)

Target is mass media, glass industry, automotive industry, and foundry which consuming singing sand for the resource, which is large scale..

Do you remember? This is a Joke.

Number of blast-of : 10000

Time: Not sure.

Singing sand are not given much publicity from mass communications in USA.

If leaves as it is, the sand will soon disappear from the whole of the world by the environmental destruction.

At this critical situation, we intend some sensational demonstration.

Following is very shocking, but cheerful, and peaceful, I think.

The end of the World War two, many Japanese paper balloon bombs attacked USA.

To compensate of leek of hydrogen, sand glass was aimed. But it is failed with poor technology for that. Now our technology make progress, we can realize that.

Paper balloon coated with paste of konjak, which carry candy for children and message for mass communication. It would be peaceful and safety, and gentle for environment.


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