Link: What is my joke paper balloon bomb

Some reactions in USA

 Some my joke paper balloon bomb reached USA before balloon man started.

 My balloon bomb became a topic in America before three manth of a balloon man started.

 In Japan, naturally the public did not understand that paper meant an article.

First my balloon bomb was to BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Nevada, Reno, which I put it to a post.

 I took out an illustration of a balloon bomb and wrote it as "Do not kill the sing sand. Some my articles in English about singing sand was attached.

 This is a request for preservation of singing sand.

 An answer came with the author's autograph in charge immediately.

1. From BLM

Nov 16 1992

Dear Professor Miwa:

Thank you for your letter of October 20,expressing concern over the condition of the singing sands at Sand Mountain Recreation Area. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) formally designated Sand Mountain as an off-road vehcle(ORV) use area in March of 1986. The mountain has been usedby dune buggy,motorcycle, and all-terrain vehcle ridersice the early 1970's. When the Recreation Area Management Plan was written in 1985, the major ecological concerns were possible impacts to the local floraand fauna. At that time no data was available on the singing sand phenomenon or the impact that ORV use would have on it.

We are very interested in the research you are coducting and would greatly appreciate it if you would keep us informed about your progress. However, atthis time the public land users are heavily in favor of keeping Sand Mountain open for recreatioon purposes. We will ,of course , continue to monitor impact resulting from their activities and attempt to eliminate any problem which might arise.

Thank you again for your comments. If you have any further questions or additional information, please feel free to contact me or Karen Malloy of my staff.

James M.Philips

Area Manager

Lahontan Resource Area

2. Michigan University

 These facsimile ,after long travel ,two years later, arrive to sand researcher Dr.Bretz and Dr. Nori, Michigan University, and touched me through E-mail. "Your balloon plan is interesting I will copy this, and send to Washington. Email exchange continues currently. In addition, thire HP link to my home page. That it was late that Internet spreads to the world is repented of. A balloon bomb answer memo American progress report balloon bomb answer No. 1 I cry, and to campaign against a balloon bomb for the sand conservation (a September 1 discharge bomb) An answer from Time Inc. addressed to New York time magazine Publisher (a translation into Japanese) If the spread of Internet was early already for two years, anything is smooth and no problem.

3. The world is mysterious.

A balloon uncle became a topic to same time in America.

In Japan, where a balloon uncle became a topic with a mysterious thing in Japan, but other balloon trips were able to leave a rumor in those days in America.

Mr. Suzuki said that there is a Atlantic crossing plan in USA, he said that I did not want to take a delay as it. It may be a cause that he hurried.

There was the man who schemed a round-the-world trip what. He heard a Japanese plan, and informed me. He carry it out on December 30, but am troubled if he would make an emergency landing in China. There was an introduce request in a contact point in China.

It was not reported at all in Japan, but the project manager who control Earthwinds was Frank Toney. I contacted immediately to a desert research institute of Lanzhou and started an answer. But a local newspaper reported by serious matter reason outbreak to soon. Besides, it was the Rino airport which Mr. Suzuki aimed at. A hangar was pulled by a strong wind at a rehearsal by a balloon and collapsed. It was reported ".gone with the wind" in local newspaper. It said that 50 people whom there was in a dome were healthy. When I need $ 5 million for revitalization. "We are not discouraged". He fitted a challenge once again, but there is no information. The balloon which there is in an article is mysterious shape. Overall height 370ft. (5.3m) The world is mysterious.