Link:Reprinting of old Journal for singing sand in Lake Michigan

Singing sand in Lake Michigan is in good health *2004


Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999

@ I am a member of the International Sand Collectors Society. I understand you study sand capable of producing sand, and that you have noticed that sand can "lose its voice" when polluted. I have collected samples of squeaking sand from the shore of Lake Michigan, near Michigan Cityi41.43N,86.54W), Indiana. First of all, sand near the shore squeaks quite loudly when trod upon. Sand farther away from the shore that approximately ten meters has no voice. When shaken in a plastic beverage bottle, the squeaking sand makes a strong whining sound for perhaps 100 shakes. Then it becomes silent. The now voiceless sand, after being washed thoroughly with mild detergent, rinsed thoroughly, and dried completely, can again sing in a plastic bottle, until it again loses its voice. The loss of voice does not appear to happen in a glass bottle. My hypothesis: small particles of plastic are easily abraded from the plastic which interfere with sound production. These particles then, might in some way resemble the "pollution" you mention. Might you consider thoroughly washing, rinsing, and drying your polluted samples to see if the voice can be restored? I intend to do more experiments with the samples you have. It is a fascinating topic? Are you interested in collecting samples from the USA? I have attached my trading list. I look forward to hearing from you.