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  A sample of singing sand from Rio-de-janeiro guide me to a finding

Singing sand have sound producing property under water

Brown (1964) is only one scholar, who described to a sound producing characteristic under water. The sand was a beach sand in Scottish Eigg island. This is an only research data for singing sand .Under water.
In Japan, it was a common sense that a singing sand have the sound producing property in dry state only.
The common sense was destroyed by a sample which sent from South America Rio de Janeiro in December, 1982..
The sand was send from Mr.OZAKI ,who was lived in Rio de Janeiro local representative by a company duty in those days. Currently he is professor of a university in the Nagoya area.
On the letter attached the package, he said "this is a sand in a beach here, which will your choice. The beach is a bathing beach. ".
I think, anyway that it must be dirty, the beach was going to a stain. I pour it into water in beaker to wash with clean water, then I hear a sounds in water.
I said "what is this?". The sand sing in water!!.
It was an encounter of the first time with the sand.
I store the sample of this sand in a state of carefully closed bottle and now keep in the museum.
I have noticed the sound on KOTOHIKI-beach . When I shoved a foot in the water in a neighborhood of a water fall of the beach. When I dried the sand, the sand produced was very good .
And many students of my laboratory was into a topic the sound in water by sand of OSODANI, YAMAGATA-prefecture, during washing process of the sand.
After ten years, February, 1992, I visited the actual place of Rio de Janeiro.
At the actual place, nobody knows even existence of singing sand .
I must be watches reality of beach sands, which polluted with sewage water from the hotels and an entrance of a tourist .
Between the ten years after I received the sample, with an intense hotel construction rush and tourist inflow progressed at the actual place .
I must regretted a late thing for ten years.