Link : A report of the most famous Eigg island in England(1964)

The latest news of Eigg in England

I get a mail from C.J.Fuller in (1998 / 03 / 01 (SUN)

I very much enjoyed visiting your site, I have been in close contact with Professor Nori and Nick D Errico in the USA, as you will be aware we have some 21 recognised sites in the united kingdom where singing sand has been found, the most famous being Eigg, this scotish island has recently been sold and was purchased by the actual crofters or islanders as you would call them, for to long it was owned by a succession of absent landowners. I have been investigating one of the sites where the sand has stopped singing, one theory is that within the last year a flood prevention wall has been built som 50 metres from the shoreline and so has changed the way the tides hit the beach, could this really be the cause? like to hear from you. regards colin PS we hold over 7000 sands in our collection.