Australian Tasmania island is a treasure house of singing sand in the world

In August, 2000,Prof. Masao Kimura of Tokai university visited Tasmania island, and discovered a beach, where the beach sand are singing underwater, which is very rare case , at the present time, in the world,

I received a entrusted sample of the beach to a student of a laboratory of a professor, at the whole Japan singing sand summit in MURORAN.

I discovered a singing sand underwater in Australian Fllatary , but the ground was a closed to the public area of a general tourist, but there can visit everybody this time.

According to the mail from the professor, he write,we must run in national highways of east ashore from Hobart in the about 180 km north , and there is a town Bicheno. We misses a national highway in about 10 km this side of the town, and there is Freycient National Park that I go down south. Near to an entrance of the Park, the place is Friendly Beach. On a map, it is written as The Friendly Beaches. He visited at about 16:30 of August 9, 2000. There was wetted at the beach after rain, but sing smartly when he walked on. At the wet beach the sand sing well, and he was moved very much because the experience of sand was the first time.

The beach, just like sleet fell. In Tasmania, he visited five places of beaches,include Friendly@Beach, Wineglass Beach but the all was singing beaches. Tasmania is, may be, only one preserved site on the earth, and it may be a treasure house of sand.

I (Miwa) test the sand by test pot, I can produced sound even 5 g just underwater. In addition, I was able to easily make a frog sand set too. I did an e-mail addressed to the professor immediately. I report the fact to the professor. A sound went with sand of OSODANI identically. It is an eye-opener. Please test right or wrong, too. Then a sound becomes big in the weak HCl acidity.