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Foure episode of frog sand toy

According to the geologic map of Pliocene, stratum of IIDE-cho, Yamagata prefecture, hits a beach of old beaches of the Japan Sea for 5000000 years before.


In the stratum, a singing sand slept underground, and is ,so to speak,a fossil of singing sand . Peoples say that the sand frog cloaking voice in water , it is being mysterious. Please hear it somehow.

Episode 1

At opening selemony of NIMA sand museum, we displayed the 100g of these raw materials, which contain the sand and clay. We add a postscript, "if any man will get the voice, I give you 10000 yen".

The president of the company of the sand watched it and was angry.

"You make a fool me."

I said "Why do not you try it". And I gave a sample of row material.

The president said that "I will stay here overnight, and try it. He carry back the sample to the hotel with greate enthusiasm.

Next morning, his face was seem to be sleepy.

" I continued whashing the sand overnight throughout the night, but do not cry the sand.. It is why?

"Of course it is no only with water. Are you blind with avarice ? You must mix sweat and tears with this"

"I can understand your heart .

" Episode 2

I am going to identify that it is a voice of a frog certainly, and I try a test on Lake Shirakawa ridge in the district. A photographer of NHK was accompanyed me. However, a frog does not appear. We see no sign of frog. After a lapse of about one hour,the photographer gave it up before long and has leave there. I stayed there for a while still more.

It is the sign that a ring of a wave comes from the opposite bank of a lake then. I had least expected that, a frog look like the top of ring of a wave what? I wanted to call the photographer, but it will cause escaping the frog at once. A frog came sometime soon to a bank of this place and stopped. I could see the head of a frog, and it is the condition that there is by a figure of sideways-facing. I shaked the toy, it was crazy about the frog.

The frog has been covered in a shade of grass of a bank before long whether it would pass for five minutes. A photographer regretted , and said "once again". I said "it is not a joke". Originally the person who tells a memory of the time of such a child that the sand cried in water is. However, in Japan, it dies out and may not cry now.

Episode 3

By the way, will this voice really resemble a frog genuine as expected? There was the opportunity that tested it to an expert of a frog once. With HONENIN Temple in Kyoto, an expert of frog gives a field lecture in that place beside a pond.

I joined the seminar, and I acompanyed the lecturer, and I shaked the toy. "Oh, a voice of a frog"? People were surprised and turned around. However, judging from the time, frog cannot cry . An expert gave guaranty to me that it was certainly a voice of frog. By the way, this frog sand becomes the 2016667th patent issue, but the person who challenged this as anyone one person till now is not. There is a monument construction plan to scale up the toy, and to send in a cry of a dinosaur by the sand .


 The judge is a real frog at a event in IIDE-town.  

 In August, 1998, school childs of five or six years made. for a free study of summer vacation in IIDECHO, Yamagata, and I played the leader. The making method of the frog sand set was opened for the first time. It is the training lecture that begins to make a noted product, frog sand from the soil of native district as a problem of free study of summer vacation. Sand becoming raw materials is in the clay which there is in underground of IIDE-town. The clay said including in stratum of Pliocene, before 3000000 years. Because 3000000 years is too big to understand for children. A man can realize are only length , volume and weight. As first step, we made a tape chronological table for the understanding. They made mankind 3000000 years tape chronological table.


To made the singing, washing of sand by water is required. But the work is not easy.

The children duged up the soil(clay) from a embankment of a rice field, where include the row sand. From a experimental data, the sand and water need to let total extension 2488 km (about 8 times length of the Shinano River of Japan the best) go on a trip therefore. I realize this by rotating a container of a diameter of 22 cm, 6o rotation in one miniutue.

Used handy electronic calculator, the children calculate how time required to rotate. Because it was very big number, which not learned at their school, I was anxious for a while, but they can calculate it using the calculator. As children of today are clever,they got accurate answer.

We use the machine which it uses a waterwheel to wash, and turn.

We caught one frog from a rice field nearby. A judge is this frog. An owner of this rice field seemed to be anxious, he appeared.

Collection of data group of television comes in great mass and gathers.

Nearby the frogs are roll his eyeball to the uproar. We put the soil to the container and start rolling it, and washing start.

They surprised at terrible muddy water. During the operating, I give the washed sand ,which I prepare it already particularly, and make a frog toy. A frog reacts by the sound the bullfrog which they caught in a rice field. The frog jump up and down with react the sound. Children are large satisfaction therefore.