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News of Singing Sand and Booming Sand around the World
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Research Center of Musical Sand



Booming Sandmountainin the Nevada desert, USA

Musical sand including both singing sand in the beach and booming sand in the desert , is the natural art that has been created for a long history of the Earth. The sand's mysterious sound has been worshipped as a religious symbol, and it also has brought up human sense of beauty. Besides, the sand react sensitively to air and sea water pollution as a natural sensor, therefore, now musical sand is an important inheritance of the Earth.

The singing sand in the beach is small scale phenomenon and booming sand in the desert is very large scale one, but the sounding mechanism and the quality of the sounds are, essentially, same. Both sands are mainly composed of silica sand. There is another soud producing sand, which is unlike any other sound producing sands; barking sand. The sand is composed of calcium carbonate grains, which originate in sea-shell or foraminifer of Kauai, Hawaii. This sand is in a old literature of Bolton.

Harmonic (musical) tone is charming for human auditory sense ,hence the sand called singing or musical sand throughout the world, for example the sand of KOTO (Japanese harp) since old times.

Singing properties of the sand is very sensitive to pollution, and that can be play a sensor for it. Then the sound producing property of singing sand on the beach is a sign that shows purity of sea-water. If we can recover clean sea, the sands in the world will recover the song.

Nature can be revive the sound by wave motion in the sea or wind action in the desert , whoever hope the restoration the wonderful sound.

Booming sand in desert is also killed by crowded tourists in many places.

Now, the musical sand which includes above both sands were confronted by two difficulties induced by their environmental changes. From the result of the field surveys, we would like to show the situation by this news.


1. The frog-cloaking toy are putting out on the market.

2. Meeting:1995 Singing Sand Summit in Tokyo,Japan-November 2,1995.

3. Discovery of many active booming dunes in Badain-jaran desert in China,3,Aug.1995 4.Information from USA