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The first dream of the New Year for the 21st century

The first dream of the New Year for the 21st century was a huge flight spider(Gossamer) .

Why do not utilize the jet stream which there is on Japan sky 10000m for phisical materials distribution from Japan to America? The most high-speed airmail is possible. I utilize GPS and can arrive at a destination precisely. As for IT, there is not meaning with that alone. IT supports with phisical distribution of materials. Current Japan imports vast agricultural products as feed of a domestic animal besides the thing which a man eats from America. Japan processes the feces and urine which we drained, but naturally, as for it, the matter income and expenditure of both continents becomes disproportion if I do not do a gift in return. American will devastate the farmlands, and Japan is the eutrophication of the land. Because they say that the sky is equal to or less than -50 degrees Centigrade, feces and urine freeze up promptly if a pump ups to the sky. It will arrives at the American Continent by the pneumatic transportation within twenty-four hours.