chimai's The story of Kotoga beach

Kotoga beach
Kotoga beach(Kotoga-hama) is located in Maji Nima-cho ,Shimane Prefecture, western Honshu, Japan,
known as a beautiful musical sandy beach.

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Kotoga beach

Long, long ago, there lived a blind father and his daughter, called Koto Hime who becomes 18 years old.
He was famous as a player on the
Koto in the Taira Family. The secret melody was handed down from father to daughter, but..

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*** notes ***

Koto : Japanese harp
Hime : a princess
Taira Family(Heike Family) : One of the four great families, including also the MINAMOTO FAMILY, FUJIWARA FAMILY, and TACHIBANA FAMILY, that dominated court politics during the Heian period(794-1185). The high point of Taira influence came in the late Heian period under Tadamori's son TAIRA NO KIYOMORI , victor in the HOGEN DISTURBANCE of 1156 and HEIJI DISTURBANCE of 1160, who rose to the position of grand minister of state in 1180 MINAMOTO NO YORITOMO rebelled against and crushed the Taira and established warrior government in Japan. Kiyomori and all the major Taira leaders died or were killed during the Taira-Minamoto War, and the house never again achieved prominence. The story of the Taira is recounted in The Tale of the Heike(HEIKE MONOGATARI) .

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