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Machiko YAMADA and my daughter
O㔼̋Ոlɂ LTĂeqc

This homepage is based on BISYOGAI Database that was awarded the Grand Prix of the Software contest of FM-TOWNS by Fujitsu in 1990. And then, I opened this site as the Micro shells in 1995.
The auther of this homepage and a member of Malacological Society of JAPAN.

I'm no expert in the Malacology and the Conchology, but I love learning the shell ecology and collect all shells.
I have a husband and a daughter, and I work as an architectonic cad operator in my family's electric works.
Now it gives me pleasure to introduce great collaborators on my site.

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  3. }ӂ̌ƂȂf[^́AׂParadox 7ŕۑǗ(摜捞)B

  4. Delfhi 2.0ŁAParadoxDBt@CHTML`̃t@Cɏo͂vO

*** Credits and Acknowledgments ***

The Micro shells Pages Thanks these People:
Dr.Shigeo Miwa (O ΗY)
It's my father. He was a professor of Powder Technology in Doshisha University.
He died of heart failure on October 22th, 2007. I really appreciate all your support and interest for my father.Thank you for your many kindness.

2007N1022ߌ127 SsŜߎB܂ŕɂxF܂ɐS犴ӂ܂B肪Ƃ܂B

Mr.Masatoyo OKAMOTO


chimai's He has provided many many tiny picture for my site.
homepage : Chimachima Book He is producing various life in his fantastic universe. The micro shells are living there too.

z[y[W : ܂Book t@^WbNȏF̒ŁA܂܂Ȑ̂XƒaBLĂB

Mr.Makoto ISOWA

Dr.Kwang-Sik Choi



Mr.Terumichi KIMURA

Mr. Mauro Pizzini

Mr. Chikara NAKASATO